The historic Outpost Of The American Frontiers, To Receive And Replenish The Weary Traveller. This Is Your Urban Post, To Rest, Meet, And Discover.


Located near the Foshan Ancestral Temple on Dong-hua Lane,Foshan Lingnan Tiandi has preserved one of the largest historical districts in China, including 22 monuments,128 traditional buildings,8 historic alleys showcasing the rich cultural heritage and unique history of Lingnan culture. Every alley and residence is a picture of the unique Lingnan tradition and architectural features.

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Urban Post is your stay that is more home than hotel,a place where stories are told and inspiration can be found in every corner. Combining reclaimed and local materials our aim is to give you a down to earth,comfortable experience integrated with all the amenities and full service to meet your needs.

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Our rooms are each uniquely designed to give you a new look and experience with every stay. The design philosophy combines textured materials and almost raw finishes, balanced by luxurious marble and designer detailing throughout. .

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  • Enjoy 2A's open loft design, with central bookshelf and deep sofa that converts to sofa bed. A sliding wall panel enhances the loft feeling. All rooms enjoy The Heavenly Bed as standard amenity.

  • This heritage inspired room has reclaimed oak from American barns, leather club chairs and a luxurious circular tub against a natural stone wall backdrop.

  • Ultra modern aesthetic with sofa niche, and double rain shower room.

  • Our coziest room with integrated sofa/ desk/ and platform inset bed. Experience the uniqueness of showering in the warmth of the sun in our naturally lit, full terrazzo washroom.

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Originally conceived as something for an 'Urban Cowboy', the concept became 'Urban Post'- where 'Post' plays on both a place to station yourself and get rest, as well as the idea of postage/ postal service and its connection to travel, especially during the frontier era of American history.

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You will most likely get to Foshan via Guangzhou, follow the directions below to facilitate your arrival experience.

37 Donghua Villa, Lingnan Tiandi, Foshan, Guangdong Province, China


It would be our pleasure to host you at Urban Post Foshan. Just let us know the dates that suit you best by filling in the below information, and we will be getting back in touch with you right away by phone or email.

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For more information on Urban Post, kindly contact us by:
UP house phone: +86 (0757) 2330 2288

For your convenience, we can also be reached locally:
in Hong Kong: +(852) 2524 9099
in Shenzhen: +(86) 755 2642 2454